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Internet talks and people listen. What it says about your brand—either good or bad—echoes across the digital world. Let's set the record straight.

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Remove From Google

Don’t let misleading articles, false information, or harmful content taint your reputation. Choose our “Purge from Google” service and regain your rightful image online. Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Identify – Spot the bad content.
  2. Strategize – Plan the clean-up.
  3. Act – Remove or push down bad content.


We’ve got a team that knows how to make you look good online. They push down all the bad stuff so that only the good remains.

Delete Online Negative Content

Bad content can have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation. We offer specialized services to permanently delete.

Trust us to act as your digital custodians, removing any content that could be your brand’s undoing.

Our Special Services

Shielding Your Brand’s Integrity with All-Inclusive Online Reputation Management

Outdated Negative, Unfair News Articles and Press Release

Auto Search Suggestion coming in your name

Your Confidential Data is leaked all over the Internet

Your Private or Intimate Images/Videos leaked online

Outdated public Arrest or Legal records haunts you

Disparaging Content/Blog Post/ Social media posts

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100% Confidential

We work under a non-disclosure agreement and ensure all work is confidential and discreet.

Frequently Asked Question

We’re on your side to assist. Ensure a polished image with our guaranteed removal services, transforming your marred reputation from negative to neutral. Specializing in enhancing our client’s digital reputation, we rigorously collaborate with individuals and businesses alike to permanently eradicate undesirable online content.

It varies. In certain instances, content removal is possible, and we’ll pursue this route when accessible. However, often, the most viable strategy is to suppress negative content. During your complimentary telephone consultation, we’ll explore the options tailored to your particular situation.

We aim to permanently remove unwanted/negative content from the web. However, it might not always be possible to do so depending on the nature of the content or the publisher. In such cases, we implement other reputation management strategies to hide, smother, or mitigate inappropriate content. Having said that, our first goal is to permanently remove the offensive content.

We generally remove user-generated content such as reviews, blogs or forum postings, and malicious or unwanted images or videos. All in all, we aim to remove any negative content, that is theoretically possible. We suggest you allow us to scan through the web and report you about the magnitude of inappropriate content that is present on the Internet about your brand.

This is again a subjective question, that completely depends on the nature of the content or the publisher. In general cases, it takes anywhere between one day to three weeks. However, this might vary as per the magnitude of negative content. We provide regular progress reports in this aspect.

With millions of websites present and hundreds from which we have removed content that are not listed here, possibilities abound.

Just complete our callback form located at the page’s top, send us the link you’d like us to evaluate, and we will inform you if we believe it can be removed.

Should the content you’ve submitted for our review be non-removable, we offer an alternative solution in the form of Content Burial. Although this method may be more time-consuming and costlier than a removal request, if the adverse content is impacting you financially or personally, it serves as a substantially better option than allowing it to potentially escalate if left unaddressed.

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